I'm Fergus Morrow,

and I make things.

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Building exciting things
for exciting people.

I'm a developer, I enjoy what I do - and I even think I'm rather good at it.

I'm currently working with the awesome guys and gals over at We Love Digital.

Opinionated? I just know what works.

I've seen the perfect, and (unfortunately) I've seen a lot of the "not-so-perfect". Needless to say, the wool isn't regularly pulled over my eyes anymore.

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I like to keep up to date - it's kinda my job. Sometimes I even write about some of these cool things over on my blog.


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However, I must stress, I'm not currently looking for work! So any recruitment related emails will most likely be ignored, and that's not me being a douchebag - it's just the reality of the sheer amount of recruiters who email me regardless!

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